Monday, January 16, 2012

LA Fashion Week 2012: share your event via

LA Fashion Week is just around the corner. We'd love for you to share what's happening with your upcoming shows, parties, or any big news using It's FREE! While you're setting the season's trends you can also save time, money and the environment by going paperless.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Report features new Larenim product

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Larenim Mineral launches hyaluronic acid serum featuring a dual-source approach

NEW YORK — Larenim Mineral has announced the launch of its new skin care product Larenim hyaluronic acid serum. 
Although the beauty company is not the first to market a product with an HA serum, it has some features that, according to the company, make it stand out from others.
The Larenim hyaluronic acid offers a dual-source approach. It blends two forms of hyaluronic acid: Sodium hyaluronate and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The smaller molecule size of low molecular weight HA is the serum’s unique feature, the company stated. Smaller molecules are more absorbable. The serum is a lightweight, water-based moisturizer and it falls under the vegan arena.
The new serum is priced at $26. Larenim products are sold in more than 900 beauty stores around the country.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 A great new way to make your life easier and go green

Diamond Girl Media welcomes to the roster.

Please check out the site, "like" it on and follow them on Twitter @ EnnoucementCards@EC_card

A brilliant new site to share the big news and make your life Easier!
Rochelle Leon has launched a cool, creative, user friendly and FREE website for every occasion. Need to share some exciting news? Are you moving? Who’s getting married or having a baby? Who’s turning 5 or 50? Who has the time to drive to the store, browse invitations, gather all the addresses, and then go to the post office and mail them? Life is busy enough without adding all these tasks to your schedule. Aside from saving time and offering a quick and easy way to announce any event or news, Rochelle noticed there were a lot of e-card sites & e-invitation sites, but none that she particularly liked or enjoyed using and zero e-announcement sites!  Everyone was using boring emails or mass posting on Facebook. However, most people don't have the extra time or money it takes to send out hard copy announcements anymore, especially when trying to make positive green choices.  So, she thought there should be another option, a better option, and was born!

What sets EC apart from the other ecard sites? is mainly an e-announcement site.  From announcements big (moving to a new house) and small (my daughter made the honor roll) - EC has cards for countless occasions!  Plus, they also offer invitations, thank you cards, save-the-date cards, holiday cards, greeting cards and so much more!

EC allows you to customize & personalize ANY & EVERY card.  You can easily personalize both the title and message sections of your card, tailoring all of the text specifically for your event or occasion.  Plus, any card can be used for any occasion. For example, a card from the Expecting/Birth/Adoption Category could be used as a baby shower invitation, a birth announcement, a thank you card, etc. You decide and customize precisely to fit your needs!

EC has the very unique option that allows you to easily add a photo to any card. Another benefit is that it’s extremely user-friendly. In just a few minutes you can sign-up, send a card, attach a photo, check your account, and go on with your day. You do not need to be computer-savvy to use this site.  Rochelle wanted the site to be straightforward and effortless. She also found that most e-card sites lack innovative selections for cool cards. EC has a lovely assortment of cards ranging from stylish and sophisticated to fun & whimsical to elegant & classic.  EC is constantly adding new cards to their selection too. Each Ennouncement card beautifully blends the look of a traditional paper card with the convenience of an e-card. Once your card has been sent you can check your account to see who and when someone has viewed the card as well as whether they have replied or not. is a clever and speedy site for everyone from the busy soccer mom, to the corporate workaholic and all those in between! Not only will you save hundreds of dollars, and a lot of time, it’s also a great paperless, option!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Monday, December 26, 2011

READ ALL ABOUT IT...Sol Foundation is featured in the Santa Monica Daily Press

Ashley Oelsen and Sol Foundation bring Christmas to rescue dogs all year long. In between placing the dogs in a loving and compatible home Ashley puts in overtime by visiting inner city schools and community centers educating students about being a responsible pet owner and the incredible bond an owner and their can share.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Smitten with Luxe "Sparkle": Holiday Collection

Dear me the bling!

Stack up your favorite colored stones or layer up on the arm candy. These pieces are sure to be show stoppers.

stack rings start at $550. For prices on everything else please email

Thursday, December 15, 2011 loves that Ashley Oelsen has a lot of heart, and Sol Foundation

Sharing our Love Foundation: With Our Best Friends, Respect for Animals

December 15th, 2011 · 1 Comment

“I’ve committed my life to this.”
By Sheila Appleby Williams
Los Angeles,CA(Hollywood Today)12/15/11/—Phoebe Rose, celebrity Pug joined Ashley Oelsen, President and Founder of SOL (Sharing our Love) Foundation at the Los Angeles East Valley Animal Shelter in the San Fernando Valley.   The recently relocated and upgraded East Valley Shelter is one of the busiest facilities in the Los Angeles Animals Services Department with 165 dog kennels and one of the largest shelter community rooms that has hosted a number of celebrity pet causes and provided canine adoptions for Hollywood A-listers like Drew Barrymore and Hilary Swank.
Ashley and volunteer, Andrew Brown
with Siberian Husky
Ashley Oelsen, referred to as the “Harriet Tubman” of the dog world, praised the committed staff  “This shelter has a really good group!” Ashley had recently returned from  transporting 6 canines from the East Valley Shelter to a Canadian rescue group, Adopt a Paw, Pethaven, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  The East Valley Shelter has had a very successful adoption relationship with this Canadian rescue organization-particularly for Chihuahuas-which are seen as exotic as well as with Pitbulls-no bans here on “bully breeds.”
The physical logistics of her solo mission – transporting the 6 dogs in crates and negotiating through customs was a labyrinth of obstacles -”a logistical nightmare” says Ms. Oelsen, but “I’ve committed my life to this.” In fact, this determined and indefatigable young woman has maneuvered these rescue missions on several occasions.
Sweet, loving and trained pups

are eager to join your family
The SOL Foundation, recently featured on Good Day, LA, targets long term solutions to the problem of unwanted pets and animal cruelty through inner city elementary school classroom programs emphasizing education, awareness and empathy.  “There are huge cultural differences in the treatment of animals and my goal is to teach a new perspective”, says Ms. Oelsen.
Studies have shown that child neglect and abuse and animal abuse are both elements of a family violence system.  Animal abuse has been found in 99% of families that were under state supervision for the physical abuse of their children.
This sweet Silky Terrier will be
one of the lucky ones to find a home
Ashley is trying to break this cycle by going into the classrooms with her Delta Society service animal, SOL, a rescued Weimereimer, to teach responsibility and respect for animals and humans.
The children follow up by signing awareness pledges, working on creative writing and art assignments and collecting donated items for local shelters.
Most chihuahuas are not as fortunate
Just adopted!  SOL
Ashley has created, designed and personally funded this program.  100% of donations and contributions go directly into the foundation.
For more information about SOL :
Phoebe Rose with Ashley Oelsen and
Weimereimer, Sol of Sol Foundation