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Angeleno features Go Flawless as one of the best mobile beauty spas

Go Flawless Mobile Beauty as seen in Angeleno Magazine  October 2011

October 2011/National Breast Cancer Month: Help celebrate in style

In honor of National Breast Cancer Month let's celebrate for the survivors and support those currently fighting the battle. will offer free shipping for all "Smitten with Luxe" bracelets for the month of October and donate a portion of the sales to The Susan G. Gomen Foundation.

Thanks for your support. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jewel Mint...stylish, trendy, affordable

Little did I know that a friendly visit to my friends office at Jewel Mint would turn into an early Christmas. I love getting a sneak peek behind the scenes for cool lines. Like a kid in a candy store I want everything. I already had to part with a couple pieces for a stylist who stopped this morning. Aside from a handful of Smitten with Luxe bracelets she was collecting, she loved my Jewel Mint goodies.

Until Monday I'll just have to make due with the bracelet pictured below. I absolutely love this because it's very vintage looking, my favorite style. The chunky necklace and deco ring are fabulous as well.

Jewel Mint has some great new pieces coming soon so be sure to check out their website

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Posted by Don Rose: $1200 VIP Gift Bag at ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion

EMMYS 2011, Part 3: $1200 VIP Gift Bag at ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion / Mix Media Emmy Lounge

Posted by Don Rose-This year’s Emmy nominees, presenters, celebs and select VIPs who attended the 2011 Emmy week ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion, along with experiencing all the cool creative booths and enjoying live entertainment on the Petersen Museum penthouse level, were also lucky enough to score an excellent VIP Gift Bag. Dsc_6481 The red carpet worthy gifts in the sought after VIP bag included items from Naked Grape Wine, Mane & Tail Shampoo, Solis Brand supplement, Lusciouss Jewelry, iTySE reusable bags, Blackwater Mineral Chocolate Bar, 3LM Cigar, Aubrey Organic Body Care System, Eden Spa (Gift Certificate), Lipstick Bailbonds Security,, Prairie Vodka, Sequal Natural Vega, Red Hair Girl Designs, “Blow Me” book author Lennie Ross, an “Only You Can Save Energy” DVD w/ Fortunate Angels, Vittoria & Banks Jewely, and a Norwood DVD. The ALIVE! Expo, founded by Kim Kreiss and Patrycja Towns, takes place every year during the days before major award shows such as the Oscars and the Emmys. Their most recent Emmy 2011 event benefited Project Green 501c3.  More info at:

more from Wire LA and Los Angeles Daily news

Maurice LaMarche, Emmy in hand, about to enjoy Naked Grape Wine

Designer Jenda Michl’s outside eco-lounge

Art by the talented Daniel Maltzman (several of his large format creations graced the walls at the event)

Actor Efren Ramirez

James Black gets cuffed by Lipstick Bail Bonds

Bohmod owner and designer Janna Phillips in the eco lounge with Beverly Mitchell

Jason Davis enjoying Blackwater

Emmy winner Maurice LaMarche (Voice actor extraordinaire) trying Blackwater

Dr. Yamma Brown

ALIVE! Expo Emmy 2011 story now live on and The LA Report

EMMYS 2011, Part 1: Event Report from ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion / Mix Media Emmy Lounge

Posted by Don Rose

(Peterson Automotive Museum / Los Angeles, CA / September 15 & 16, 2011) - ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/Mix Media Luxury Lounge, owned by Kim Kreiss and Patrycja Towns and benefiting Project Green, celebrated the 2011 Emmy Awards in style as they hosted guests with an array of all that’s good and green - from fashion to beauty, from health and wellness to beautiful art and luxury eco-lounging.

It was a delightful event, with a relaxed, friendly vibe and lively music from several artists, including the very young tween rock band LockdownALIVE! guests took in the 360-degree view of the city from the Petersen Museum penthouse while vendors shared the latest and greatest and pampered guests with eco-friendly products. 

Celebrities in attendance included director Penny Marshall, Grant Bowler (True Blood), Beverly Mitchell (7th Heaven), Emmy winner Maurice LaMarche (Futurama voice actor), Drew Powell (Straw Dogs), Jason Davis, Efren Ramirez, James Black (The Starter Wife series, All of Us, Necessary Roughness), Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga), Zee James (Everybody Loves Chris), Stephen Bishop (Money Ball), Scott Krinsky (NBC’s Chuck), Ryan Cleary (Entourage), Dr. Yamma Brown and Jaimie Hilfiger and more.

Sponsors included Aubrey Organics (treated guests to luxurious Natural and Organic/Herbal Body Care products; Lipstick Bailbonds; Lusciouss’ fun-flirty jewelryVittoria & Banks, jewelry art for your soul; Sequel Naturals, total health products; Solis Brands, healthy & functional consumer products; Prairie Organic Vodka; Blackwater, mineral infused water; Spyker, custom super-car; 3LM Cigars; Lennie Ross - author of the “Sex -and -the –city” style novel  ”Blow Me”; Eden, Bodyshaping & Skincare; Naked Grape, organic wine; DJ Green; iTsye, reusable shopping bag system; “Only You Can Save Energy” PSA campaign; UnderCover-Adam Shaffer Fashion Specialist; Fashion Hope 501c3; Farrah Karina Jewelry; Spectacles Forhumans, sunglasses;Jamyime Jean’s; Kelley Nicole Collection; B2V Salon; Bohmod Luxury Eco Furniture by Janna Phillips and Artist Eric Doolin of The Fractal Gallery; paintings by superb artist Daniel Maltzman; and Brenda Underwood


Drew Powell picking up an item from Aubrey Organics

James Black smiles as he tries on some ultracool sunglasses 

Grant Bowler from “True Blood”

Kim Kreiss (Mix Media) & Stacy Broff of Diamond Girl Media relax in the Bohmod eco lounge

Beverly Mitchell gets excited about some Super C Immunity and Energy drinks


Penny Marshall picked up some cool jewels from Farrah Karina & Kelley Nicole Collection


A piece from Kelley Nicole Collection (cool vintage crystal necklace)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mingle Media TV visits ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion Emmy suite

Thank you Natasha!

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Natasha Alam at Alive! Expo Green Luxury Lounge for Emmys Week

Mingle Media TV was invited to come out and celebrate the 2011 Emmys at the ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/Mix Media Luxury Lounge, owned by Kim Kreiss and Patrycja Towns, benefited Project Green 501c3 and was held at LA?s famous Peterson Automotive Museum. With a 360-degree, breathtaking view, guests were treated to trendy eco fashions, break-through beauty products, jewelry, accessories and more. Attendees also got to try out gourmet snacks, enjoy live music and toast during daily “Healthy Happy Hours”! Thanks to Diamond Girl Media at for inviting Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report team to come out and support this great event. For this and more red carpet coverage, please visit us at Follow us on Facebook at

Eco-Luxury designs: Three designers you should know

Janna Phillips, Eric Doolin and Jenda Michl
Three talented and creative designers on the eco-luxe scene

The ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/Mix Media Emmy lounge brought out a lot more than beauty and fashion this year. Janna Phillips owner/designer of Bohmod, Eric Doolin, owner/designer/artist of The Fractal Gallery, and Jenda Michl (Vertu Studio Inc) impressed guests with their unique and brilliant furniture designs made from all  eco-friendly materials. Janna Phillips, who often works together with partner Eric Doolin definitely knows how to create an eco-luxurious environment. As incredibly talented designers these two design for comfort and healthy living. On a moments notice they combined several pieces from Bohmod and The Fractal Gallery providing guests with all the comforts on home so they could get a little R & R from all the gifting and gabbing. One of my favorite things about Janna's pieces is that you can move them around easily and they're very functional. Eric's end tables and benches had mini planters built in. It was a nice indoor/outdoor touch.

Outside Jenda Michl's Flexist Bench offered guests a place to sit back and enjoy the 360 degree view from the roof top of the museum. Looks can be deceiving but this cool and unusual bench is extremely comfortable. It's perfect for anyone with eclectic taste and a large patio area. It can be designed more specific to meet your personal needs, or even made as a chaise lounge; add some pillows and you're set.

If you'd like to see more from these clever and gifted designers please check out their websites:, and

Janna Phillips and Beverly Mitchell
 planter bench from The Fractal Gallery bench
 Jenda Michl's Flexist Bench
 moon lounge from Bohmod

Oil paintings by Eric Doolin


Monday, September 19, 2011

Brand New: "Smitten with Luxe" glass bracelets by Lily and Laura

A whole lotta arm it, rock it, and give a little back!

Get ready to accessorize for fall with over 300 gorgeous new "Smitten with Luxe" glass bracelets by Lily and Laura. Diamond Girl will "pay it forward" by donating a portion of the proceeds to a variety of charities throughout the year. 

On November 8th, the Pacific Dining Car and Integral Sports Management in Association with Diamond Girl Media Inc. are partnering to support the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's 2012 Man & Woman of the Year Campaign to help fund lifesaving cancer research and critical support programs for patients and their families.”
Save the date and start shopping @  - "Smitten with Luxe" by Lily and Laura   $18 each


Farrah Karina Jewelry and Kelley Nicole Collection

ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/Mix Media Emmy Lounge

HAUTE new accessory MUST HAVES!

As you know I'm a slightly obsessed with jewelry. I found two new designers who share my passion this past week at the ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion emmy event.

Farrah Karina Jewelry had some fabulous arm candy; beautiful wrap bracelets in an array of fun colored crystals. These bracelets can double as a necklace or even a head band.
Prices start at $40 while some of the higher end designs range from $150-$300.

Kelley Nicole Collection has a variety of stunning and eclectic jewels; however this one vintage inspired crystal necklace really caught my eye. The majority of Kelley's pieces are one of kind and truly make a statement. Prices for these precious pieces range from $350-$500.

Beginning September 26th you can find both of these lovely fashionistas' designs at This fall the Diamond Girl shopping site will be housing a variety of cool designers with great accessories. Stay tuned!

Kelley Nicole & Farrah Karina 
 Farrah Karina Jewelry - wrap bracelets $40-$60
 Kelley Nicole Collection: one of kind vintage inspired crystal necklace 

Friday, September 16, 2011

RealTVfilms catches up with us @ ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilions

Thanks Gordon!

Day 1 @ ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/Mix Media Emmy Lounge

A gorgeous view of the city and all that's fashionably green!

EMMY’S 2011: Green Pavillion Expo “Save Our Planet”

Penny Marshall kicks back with Janna Phillips on some of her eco-luxury lounges. &

Bohmod and The Fractal Gallery gave guests a place to relax in between gifting and gabbing.

September 16th, 2011 · No Comments


By Suzanne Von Schaack
It was like a “Three Ring Circus”!!!!!
Hollywood, Ca. (Hollywood Today) 9/16/11—The event was held at the Peterson Automotive Museum in the Penthouse. At the entrance of the Peterson Automotive Museum, was the exhibit of the Spyker 2012 luxury top-flight custom racing car.  Nothing to say about it but WOW!!  As we entered the Museum we just had to take a quick peek at the vintage cars on display.  Definitely worth a trip to Mid-Wilshire to have a look, for sure!
As we exited the elevator to the Penthouse we were met with a breathtaking 360 degree view of Los Angeles. The Alive Expo Green Pavilion which was a Mix Media event was litteraly like a “Three Ring Circus” with VIP guests introducing their eco-friendly and luxury brands.
Smart Media a Green Technology  publication was on board promoting their slogan ” ONLY YOU..Can Save Energy!”  Their goal is to conquer one city at a time by educating people on how to save energy.  They were giving out a CD Video Magazine published by the non-profit Green Technology with funding and support in part from the American Re-investment and Recovery Act (ARR) along with many other supporters invovled in the energy world.
I spoke with Janna Phillips creator of “Bohmod” which is bohemian modern furniture.  I must say that she really raised my awareness about how important it is to buy furniture that not only lasts a long time but that can be recycled after you are done with it.  Her furniture is covered with hemp fabric which is made of a natural fiber.  The furniture’s foundation is made of foam.—–  Totally of foam with no metal or frame at all.  It is very comfortable as well as durable and easy to recover.  Once you are done with it—it can be shredded and used for other things as a recycled product.  I loved the furniture.  Very good find.
Clothing has been finding its way into the Green Market by using natural fibers as well as returning to hand knitting and sewing,  I stopped to speak with Adam Shaffer who has a store named “Undercover Fashion” in Santa Monica on the Third Street Promenade. He has been there  ten years plus. in the past he bought other lines to fill his store.  In recent years, he has become an eco- designer of his own line of clothing creating his own label for the store.  The label is, nothing else but ”Undercover.”  All of his knits and fabrics are of an eco friendly vibe.  I love the feel of the fabrics.  They are so soft and light seeming almost weight less. Next to the clothing were the spectacular “Spectacles for Humans.”  Great sunglasses. He can be found at
I met a lovely girl who is a jewelry designer.  Her name is Farrah Karina and her line of jewelry is named after her and called “Farrah Karina.”  She makes all kinds of jewelry that is spritual and happy in nature just like her.  She was delightful and is an over night success.  Many celebrities wear her jewelry.  She was gifting with her beautiful wrap bracelets that can be worn in the hair or wrapped around the wrist.  It is no wonder she is a success.  She is a happy spirit.  Check her jewelry out at FARRAHKARINA.COM Peggy Kotsopoulos was promoting  her book called “Must Have Been Something I Ate.  She served me a Vegan drink that was great.  She says that it is the answer to making you look and feel great too. She says that the Vegan drink is a great way to neutralize yourself after a heavy night of drinking the bubbly.
Speaking of drinking, I met Lindsey Tauer of Phillips Distilling Company who was serving a delicious Organic Vodka made into a Prairie Appletini which was fantastic!!!  I highly recommend their Vodka.  It was so smooth.  I am not the only one liking it, as they are a two-time winner of the Double Gold 2009 & 2011 San Fancisco World Spirits Competition.  Congratulations to Ed Phillips & Sons PRAIRIE ORGANIC VODKA!!!
Oh yes, what is an Emmy Party for the guys without a “Cigar.”  From Jerry Vazguer of 3LM Cigars they were rolling away and giving away one Cigar after another to the men in the crowd.
I had some regular water from the bar and then I had “Blackwater” from one of the vendors. Blackwater is a pure spring water enriched with a formula of Fulvic and Humic Acid which contains 77 plus trace minerals.
There is a huge list of things that Fulvic Acid does to improve your health and performance.  The one I liked is that it helps to remove toxins and metals from the body.  Check it out—www.blackwaterus,com  I am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve my health and after reading about it.  I am going to give it a try.
Several talent were walking around the event.  Kristen Aldridge. Stephen Bishiop (Mondey Ball w/Brad Pitt) Drew Powel (Straw Dogs) Scott Krinsky (series regular on Chuck).  Charlotte Ross (Glee) just to name a few. Then there was  Meeghan Henry— Miss Teen Asia USA.  She recently won her title.  Her platform was all about going “GREEN.”   GREEN is in the air and I’m not talking about money.  It was refreshing to me see so many joining together to make our world a better place.  I truly think that this wave of awareness to save our planet and clean up is a movement that will continue to grow.  Many more will join in the effort to heal the wounds of our own ignorance.  It is about creating awareness.  That they did in a very High Profile Emmy Award Winning Style.

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Beauty Etc.: The Insider's Guide to Make Up, Redness Correcteur from Larenim

 Larenim's all natural Redness Correcteur powder is perfect for acne or rosacea because it cools your skin and helps cover irritated areas.